Hybrid number / IVR Number

"Hybrid number is a virtual number can be your mobile number, tollfree number. From this service you can never miss your business call even your number is not reachable, busy or switched off calls will diverted to your executives. Additionally Hybrid number have all the features like recording, call distribution, parallel ringing, conferencing, greetings, etc."

Stands for "Interactive Voice Response." IVR is a telephony technology that can read a combination of touch tone and voice input. It gives users the ability to access a database of information via phone. A typical IVR system has several menus of prerecorded options that the caller can choose from. While many choices are as basic as choosing a number, some options may require the caller to speak detailed information such as his name or account number. This input is read by the IVR system and is used to access the appropriate information in the database.

"Hybrid number is a virtual number having all features like call recording, crm panel, call distribution and much more."

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